Simple Growth Package

This is our most basic program. It includes just our growth activity on your Instagram account’s behalf, meaning we engage with accounts that match up with your target demographic.

Once we find those accounts and target them, your business will like, follow, and comment on their photos- bringing them back to your page and creating an audience for your posts!


 Premium Growth Package

This is our most popular package. It works well for businesses that love shooting their own content or have a personal photographer, but don’t have the time to update social media or engage with customers. 

Once we’ve established target demographic, we take over account activity and engage with customers, as well as responding to comments and DM’s and take full ownership of posting to your account.

cozy co on phone

 Elite Growth Package

This package includes complete management of Instagram. 

In addition to growing your audience and posting daily, we will respond to DM’s, comments, and all other Premium Package strategies. 

This package also includes full content creation and Influencer Program Management. This means we will shoot photos and videos, post them, as well as finding Influencers to represent your brand.